Adrian Gough

Adrian Gough

Adrian knows just what to play to hit the spot on a lazy Sunday afternoon

With a great enthusiasm for a variety of music, Adrian has worked as a DJ in many clubs all over the UK. Working on commercial trailers for alternative radio stations and voice-overs for local stations in his hometown.

He has an enterprising and productive drive and his zest for life comes across in everything he does. He hopes to share his experience and passion to all listeners that tune in.

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Adrian’s Favourite Tunes:

Favourite Artist(s): Madonna, Everly Brothers, Four Tops, Abba and Michael Jackson.
Favourite Album: Queen's Great Hits
50’s hit: 'Bye Bye Love' by the Everly Brothers
60’s hit: 'Reach Out' by Four Tops
70’s hit: 'Dancin Queen' by Abba
80’s hit: 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson
90’s hit: 'Sign' by Ace of Bass
00’s hit: 'Get on the Beat' by The Fame
10’s hit: 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry

Adrian’s Dinner Party Guests: Michael McIntyre, Terry Wogan, Sarah Millican, Joe Pasquale and Graham Norton

Adrian’s Bucket List: to be a judge on the X-Factor, to take a world cruise, and to be the DJ at a Hawaiian beach party!

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