Bob Bate

Bob Bate

Playing relaxing tunes to unwind and kick back to, Bob's laidback style has been compared to the legendary Radio 2 DJ Ray Moore.

Bob’s early interest in radio began in the mid 70’s when, as a teenager, he discovered the offshore pirate stations; Radio Northsea International, Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo. As an avid listener he discovered music that was not then played on mainstream radio in the UK and to this day he still enjoys listening to foreign language records.

His love of radio encouraged him to join Hospital Radio Exeter where he worked for over ten years, hosting request shows where the likes of Jim Reeves and Lena Martell were very much the order of the day. During this time Bob also worked as a freelance reporter across the southwest for local BBC Radio, and was one of the reading voices on Radio 4’s ‘Any Answers’ programme in the days when listeners would comment by letter rather than via a phone-in!

During Bob’s time at BBC Radio Devon his Dad (as all Dad’s do!) insisted he should get a proper job with a pension, so he trained to become a Radiographer, working primarily with MRI scanners which he did for 25 years.  Now semi-retired Bob has been able to return to his first love, …radio!

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Bob's Favourite Tunes:

Favourite Artist(s): Swing Out Sister, Ray Conniff, Chic, and any 'Philadelphia Sound' artists
Favourite Album: ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles
50’s hit: Theme from ‘a Summer Place’ by Percy Faith & His Orchestra
60’s hit: ‘California Dreamin' by The Mamas & The Papas
70’s hit: ‘I'd really like to see you tonight’ by England Dan & John Ford Coley
80’s hit: ‘You on my Mind’ by Swing Out Sister
90’s hit: ‘Leave Right Now’ by Will Young
00’s hit: ‘Dontcha’ by Pussy Cat Dolls
10’s hit: ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk

Bob’s Dinner Party Guests: Ray Moore, Julie Christie, Neil Armstrong, Penelope Cruz and Prince Harry

Bob’s Bucket List: to see the Northern Lights and to take the family to Oz for the holiday of a lifetime.

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