Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Our charismatic Irishman kick starts every weekday with a mix of upbeat music, fun and chat on his 'Today' show!

Our heavenly anchor with his velvet chocolate tones, or so he thinks! Brought up in southern Ireland where pirate radio was rife, Chris shadowed his Uncle Billy ‘a self-made Irish Tom Jones’ around the disco halls of a forgotten generation when 8x8 flashing lights were the icing on a jock's proud build.

This led to an apprenticeship on local radio for most of his teenage years at KCR Kilkenny at the age of just 13! He landed a full-time breakfast show on AMS (Ad-Astra Media Services), a commercial city venture at aged 16. He migrated through radio's pop socks 80’s until eventually he travelled further afield to jock on some of the worlds legendary off shore national & international stations, from a customary 6-month tour on Israel’s Voice of Peace aboard the legendary Peace Ship, to entrenching on western Europe at Contact 94 in Normandy.

Chris then travelled to the USA and worked with KRRI 105.5 FM an oldies hot hit station in Las Vegas. He had a brief toying with an internet radio venture, CenturyStream, which led on to a daily breakfast FM slot with Nova on Spain's east coast. Often described by many as a young Terry Wogan, Williams, now in his 5th decade brings his dynamic choice of music, his love of radio and his mid-Atlantic Irish lilt to DELUX Radio!


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Chris's favourite tunes:
Favourite Artist(s): The Doors
Favourite Album: 'LA Woman' by The Doors
60’s hit: 'The End' by The Doors
70’s hit: 'LA Woman' by The Doors
80’s hit: 'Bad' by U2
90’s hit: 'Shiny Happy People' by REM
00’s hit: 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol
10’s hit: 'When you were Young' by The Killers

Chris's dinner party guests: Jim Morison, Ray Manzerak, Robby Kreiger, John Densmore and Bono from U2

Chris's bucket list: To walk the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain (approx. 500miles), to fly a Boeing 777 (please note that Chris is an airline pilot for a living!) and to land the Space Shuttle!

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