Dan Woodward

Dan Woodward

Dan fell into Radio by accident. He was part of a local theatre company of which the younger members - presented a programme on the town’s community radio station. Dan heard about it and wanted to get involved - so became a cover presenter.

After doing this for several months, he started to feel the radio bug, and once it gets inside of you - it’s with you for the rest of your life. Dan decided he wanted to continue working in Community Radio - more than just as a cover presenter. So when the opportunity arose to join his local station as a full time volunteer he jumped at the chance.

During Dan’s career he’s presented various types of programmes from Breakfast, Drive, Afternoons but also specialist music programmes as well. He’s also been involved in the last 3 Election coverage programmes, both as a Technician and Producer.

Dan said “It is a great honour and privilege to be apart of Delux Radio". You can catch Dan with Saturday & Sunday Breakfast on Delux Radio between 8-10am.

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