Mark Langdon

Mark Langdon

Traveling back through time to bring you the very best from each decade!

Mark Langdon started DJing back in 1978 when punk had started to fade, disco was king and ska and new wave was just around the corner. He started doing live gigs across South Wales since 1978 and is still gigging today! Mark has a large record collection from across the decades including the current UK chart music and can’t wait to play some these for the listeners of DELUX Radio.

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Mark's Favourite Tunes:
Favourite Artist(s): Beatles
Favourite Album: ‘Abbey Road’ by the Beatles
50’s hit: ‘Rave on’ by Buddy Holly
60’s hit: ‘Let’s go to San Francisco’ by the Flowerpot Men
70’s hit: ‘Son of my father’ by Chicory Tip
80’s hit: ‘Love and pride’ by King
90’s hit: Torn’ by Natalie Imbruglia
00’s hit: ‘Dare’ by Gorillaz
10’s hit: ‘All of Me’ by John Legend 

Mark's Dinner Party Guests: Paul McCartney, Larry Grayson, Bradley Walsh, Roy Orbison & Jeff Lynne

Mark's Bucket List: to read the ITV News at 10, to visit Australia, and to be up in the morning to get a McDonalds breakfast!

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