Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Scott began as a DJ on pirate radio in the early 80’s and cut his teeth alongside some names that have gone on to become household names across the UK. He came to the attention of Radio Clyde and joined them in 1988 working alongside the former BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show and now Delux Radio DJ Mark Page.

Scott has plenty of experience to fall back on having been a regular mainstream voice on some of Scotland’s leading stations, including Radio Forth in Edinburgh where he enjoyed 16 happy years, many of them on the Breakfast Show. Talk 107 was his next home and he fronted the Breakfast Show there until the station closed in 2008 after which he was a regular on BBC Radio Scotland.

Scott is also the voice you hear when arriving at Edinburgh and Glasgow Airports and is the voice on TV and radio for many household brands. On a sporting front, Scott is the “Voice of Hearts” as the stadium announcer for Heart of Midlothian FC and also for the Edinburgh Monarchs Speedway team

Scott will be featuring many artists from north of the border in his coming shows.

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