Steve Byrne

Steve Byrne

Steve’s love of music was inherited from his dad who was an avid record collector, Sunday afternoons in the Byrnes house was usually spent around the radio gram listening to the latest record buys and the old classics from Steve’s Dads record collection.

At the ripe old age of 13 Steve got a job as the DJ at his local youth club and found he had a natural talent for picking the right record at the right time to keep the dance floor packed. Aged 17 Steve moved over to Ireland where he worked briefly on the then Pirate Station, WLR and this is where he got the radio bug.

In the early 80's and back in Blighty Steve went back to the Mobile Disco scene and The Catch 22 Roadshow was born, but the radio bug was still there and so with a transmitter capable of about a 3 mile radius, a transit van and the nearest phone box Steve started his own pirate radio station if only very briefly.

The popularity of Catch 22 forced Steve to concentrate on his mobile disco and radio took a back seat until some years later when he was given the opportunity to present on community and internet radio. The Catch 22 disco is still going strong but it now has the word 'Retro' in the title which means Steve gets to play music from his favourite era, the 20th Century!

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